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Rules for posting ads
Last updated: 2014-2-15
Adessokite.com is a free site for kitesurfers. It's mission is to give kitesurfers a way to post their ads of used equipement and get in touch with others interested in their equipment.

Free ad posting is for private users that want to sell used equipment. Shops or similar will have to signup up with our "Shop" service. More info.

We want to keep this site clean and usefull for everyone, these are the rules:
- Don't use fake or incomplete names when you create your account.
- Always put a price on your ads, unless it's a buy ad.
- Avoid putting multiple products in one ad.
- Selling new product is reserved to "Shop" service.
- Avoid placing the same ad after few days just to be more visible. It's the best way of not getting indexed by search engines.
- Don't use all uppercase.
- Don't place the same ad in different categories.
- Don't add things like "Super deal!", "Fantastic offer!" or similar in the "model" field. Keep that for the ad text if you want.
- In general, don't try bypassing the forms by being smart.

Any ad that doesn't follow the rules may be deleted without any notice by the staff.
Users not following the rules may have their account closed without notice.

Staff Adessokite.com