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How does Adessokite.com work
Placing an ad on Adessokite.com is free (for private users) and very easy.
We get no commissions or anything and we don't sell products ourselves.
All we do is publishing ads and help kitesurfers get in touch. Period.

Here is how it works:
1) Read our rules for posting!
2) Create an account through our registration form.
3) Follow the instructions you will receive via email to validate your account.
4) Post you ad on this page. Try to give more info you can on the product. Remember the site is currently in Italian and English language.
5) Your ad will remain online for 180 days, but you can remove it anytime for any reason.
6) Your IP address, date and time of registration and the list of ads you posted will be visible to other users, so if you don't like this, don't use this site.

How can I manage my ads?
Once you login you will have access to a personal area. From that page you can:
1) View and edit your ads..
2) Read all replies to your ads. You will also receive them via email.
3) Chenge your newsletter preferences..
4) Keep your contact data updated..
5) Manage the list of your favourites ads..

I'm a kitesurf shop, can I place ads?
Yes, but you will have to sign up with our "Shop" service. More info.

Staff Adessokite.com